Traffic Update: Intersection Safety Review

Issue Identification:

  • Concerns arose following collisions at the intersection
  • Two collisions involving left turns were investigated, both linked to red-light violations.
  • Overall collision patterns were found to be within expected ranges.

Actions Undertaken:

  • The Mobility Safety team conducted a thorough review of collision data and collaborated with the Calgary Police Service.
  • Traffic counts, last updated in 2016, were revisited, with a new count conducted in January 2024 showing an increase in traffic.
  • Additional traffic counts are scheduled for fall 2024, covering both school and weekend periods.
  • All traffic count data is publicly accessible via trafficcounts.calgary.ca.

Implemented Improvements:

  • Signal timings for both yellow and red phases were reassessed and adjusted to current standards to mitigate red-light infractions.
  • Leading Pedestrian Interval timing was introduced at pedestrian crossings on Canyon Meadows Drive to enhance safety.
  • Backboards around traffic signals were upgraded to larger ones with reflective tape, reducing glare and enhancing visibility, especially at night.
  • A damaged pedestrian signal pedestal in the southeast corner of the intersection was replaced.
  • Pre- and post-improvement inspections showed a decrease in red-light violations.

Review of Protected Left Turns:

  • An assessment against January count volumes revealed that current traffic volumes do not justify installing protected only left turns based on national guidelines.
  • Implementing such turns prematurely could lead to increased delays for all users.
  • Instead, the existing part-time westbound arrow was extended.

Continued Monitoring and Safety Measures:

  • The Mobility Safety team commits to ongoing monitoring and will reassess the intersection following the fall 2024 traffic count.
  • Traffic safety resources and tips are available at Calgary.ca/trafficsafety.

Student Safety Initiative:

The City of Calgary initiated a competition targeting students in grades 6-12 to develop safety messaging.

Further details and kid-friendly activities are accessible at Calgary.ca/streetsafekids.

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