The Good Food Box is a Community Kitchen Program that enables people to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for less. There are no income criteria everyone is welcome to place an order. Orders are once a month from our offices at the Lake Bonavista Community Association building.

All orders must be received online by 11pm on Order By Date (listed below).

No contact, curbside pickup. Details in purchase receipt.

No refunds.

Pricing and Sizes

Small : $25 for 20-25lbs

Medium : $30 for 30-35lbs

Large : $35 for 40-45lbs

Good Food Box Schedule

Order By Date: 

Nov 30th (by 11pm) 

Pick Up Date:

Dec 9th (11am – 4pm) 

Next Months:

Jan 18th (by 11pm) 

Jan 27th (11am – 4pm) 

Feb 15th (by 11pm) 

Feb 24th  (11am – 4pm) 

Mar 8th (by 11pm) 

Mar 17th (11am – 4pm) 

Apr 12th (by 11pm) 

Apr 21st (11am – 4pm)