Wristband Policy

This fall, the LBCA has introduced a new wristband system for our Drop-In Programs.

 Upon arrival, you are required to check in at the LBCA office, pay for your session or scan your card, then you’ll receive a wristband. All participants will be required to wear a wristband in order to use our facilities.

Wristband Information by Program

Tumble Time: All adults must wear a wristband, children do not need one. The drop-in fee is for children only, adults are free.

Leisure Skate / Stick & Puck: All participants must obtain a wristband before taking the ice. Please loop the wristband through the laces on your skate and ensure it’s visible to staff.

Drop-In Gym: All participants are required to wear a wristband.

Pickleball: Wristbands are not needed for pickleball but all participants must register through our signup system and check in at the LBCA office prior to going on the court.