The Lake Bonavista Community Association’s (LBCA) recreation centre is starting to show its age. The ice plant, the concrete slabs under the ice, the exterior siding are just a few of the big-ticket items that have surpassed their life expectancy. The probability on these items, and others, have been confirmed through the City of Calgary’s mandated engineering inspection reports. Due to this reality, the LBCA is embarking on several fundraising initiatives to fund the development of a new facility or a major renovation. The LBCA recently engaged a consultant to study the feasibility of those two options. In the meantime, fundraising needs to begin today.

Our first targeted fundraising campaign is the 100 x $100. The goal is to collect 100 individual donations of $100 for a total of $10,000 raised. This initiative was introduced at our 2019 annual general meeting, where our MLA and City Councillor each made the inaugural donations.

The LBCA understands that the forced replacement of some current infrastructure may require capital expenditures beyond that of our savings. To manage this, funds raised through the 100 x $100 campaign will be designated 85% committed to a future building and 15% available as required.

To secure your program’s support, if you require additional information about the LBCA fundraising plan don’t hesitate to contact us.