Approximately every 18 months the Lake Bonavista Community Association-LBCA will be notified by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (A.G.L.C.) of their two day casino date. These dates are randomly drawn by computer at the A.G.L.C. office.

Volunteering at the Casino is easy and fun. Duties have been refined over a number help at LBCA Casino’s. Full training is supplied therefore no experience is required. The following are some of the Volunteer positions that are required – General Manager, Banker, Cashier, Chip-runner, of years and are now easy and pleasant to follow. If you would like to volunteer at our next Casino please complete our Volunteer Opportunities form below or contact us for more information.

Training and support are provided for all volunteers by a licensed Casino Advisor in both the Cash Cage and Count Room. The Casino Advisor is an employee of A.G.L.C. who is well versed in Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, Casino Terms & Conditions, and Operating Guidelines. Some of the volunteer positions include General Manager, Banker, Cashier, and Chiprunners. The volunteer position of General Manager is responsible for the casino, and the fellow volunteers. The General Manager works closely with the Games Manager.


A hired team through A.G.L.C. runs and oversees the casino. The employees include a Games Manager, Floor Supervisors, Pit Managers and Dealers.


Volunteers are provided a hot or cold meal of their choice during their shift. Food from outside sources is not permitted however, if particular volunteers have specific dietary needs, they may bring food prepared at home. The Casino is a smoke-free environment. Volunteers that do smoke have designated areas they may use.

Volunteers are not allowed to gamble during the two days that LBCA has the casino license. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during shifts.


The casino is a safe endeavor, cameras and security guards monitor the casino premises at all times. If desired, a security guard will escort any volunteer to their vehicle at the end of their shift.


All proceeds from LBCA Casino’s help to support ongoing programs and future capital expenditures at the community center.

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