Lake Bonavista Community Association offers a variety of programs for adults, youth, children and preschoolers right in the heart of Lake Bonavista.


Many programs offer a discount for members. When you register for a program online, you must purchase your membership first, or the system will not allow you to register for the course.

Classes will be canceled if the minimum registration level is not met seven days prior to the start of the class.



A Lake Bonavista Community Association Membership is $30 per household and offers a discount to many programs. All memberships expire at the end of June each year.  Memberships are non-refundable. Full payment must accompany registration in the form of cash, debit, VISA or MasterCard.


Sports/Programs Cancellations

A full Refund will be issued if the sports program is cancelled 2 weeks prior to commencement.

A pro-rated account credit will be applied if program is cancelled by LBCA after commencement.

Withdrawal fees are as follows:

  • $25 admin fee for all cancellations
  • NO REFUNDS two weeks prior to program start date

In all cases of withdrawal from programs, the registrant is responsible for advising their registrar as well as the Program Leader of his/her intent to withdraw.

Special Events Cancellations

No Refunds for withdrawing from a special event prior to commencement.

A refund will be issued if an event is cancelled by LBCA.

Kidsport Financial Assistance

Funding us available for low-income families who require assistance in paying program registration fees for all LBCA programs and purchasing equipment for programs. Please contact the LBCA office for more information.

Upcoming Events