Provincial Restrictions Exemption Program

Provincial Restrictions Exemption Program

As per the Alberta Government’s recent announcement, new restrictions will come into effect on Monday, September 20th. On this date, businesses can choose to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program(REP) and continue to operate as usual or implement restrictions that would reduce or eliminate the LBCA’s ability to facilitate sport, fitness, recreation and wellness activities. The LBCA will implement the REP program as follows:

Effective September 20th, anyone entering the LBCA (12yrs and older) will be required to provide one of the following documents:

  • Proof of vaccination + Photo ID
    • -proof of single dose will be accepted until October 25th as long as the dose was administered more than 2 weeks prior to entering the facility
    • -proof of 2 doses will be required after October 25th
    • proof of vaccination can be verified via the My Alberta Health app, or printable vaccination card/record
  • Documentation of vaccination exemption + Photo ID
    • -Individuals who wish to request an exemption must submit a request by email to prior to visiting the LBCA
    • -exemption requests will be assessed by LBCA leadership to determine if an exemption applies.
    • -provincial exemption requirements here:

Photo ID = Valid photo ID that matches vaccine record.  Required for 18 yrs and older only.

Show & Go:

  • The EAST entrance of the facility will be monitored by security personnel, who will validate proof of vaccine/test/exemption during all operating hours. All other doors will be closed.
  • In compliance with REP, visitors will be required to stop at a station and show one of the above documentations each and every time they visit the facility.


  • Masks are mandatory at the LBCA, except for individuals participating in physical activity/program while at the LBCA.
  • Practice 2 meters physical distancing on site
  • When visiting the LBCA, it may take longer than usual to access the facility, please plan your visit accordingly.
  • Provincial guidelines here:

The decision to participate in REP was made with the priority of health and safety for our community, in addition to the sustainability of our not-for-profit organization.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the LBCA Board of Directors at and local MLA, Richard Gotfried at

We realize this is a polarizing situation and ask for your patience.  Violent, abusive, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated at the facility, on social media platforms, over the phone or in email communications and could result in a ban from the facility or the involvement of Calgary Police Services.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Lake Bonavista Community Association